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October 15, 2011
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Maika d'Lantis by lainey-nesu Maika d'Lantis by lainey-nesu
I rp through notes, MSN, and on chat once I fix my chatroom problems *sobs*. Hit me up if you wanna rp, then let's roll *w*


Basic Information »
    Name: Maika d'Lantis
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Height: 155cm (5”1’)
    Race: Human
    Hair Colour: Dark Brown
    Eye Colour: Hazel
    Crew Position: Captain of the E-Seeker
    Temporary References Sheet [link]

    Likes: Thrills | Exploration & Discoveries | Adventure | Climbing | Presents | Racing | Nightlights | Shopping | Snow
    Dislikes: Getting judged by her age and appearance | Being called short | Threats to her crew | Loafers | Disturbed Sleep | Fungi

Weapon »
    Main - Emaratos Gunblades (x2) || Twin handgun sized gunblades hoisted on her sash (back). The guns are powered by Emaratos, and energy blades slide forward to create short swords at the push of a button.
    Secondary - Mini Bazooka || Usually slung across her back, this weapon only goes with her on excursions, yet not used unless large targets are present. Even then, is only used if necessary. Stays in her quarters at all other times.

Personality »
    The Person - Vivacious, affectionate, and feisty, Maika is an audacious little lady with a bit of a daredevil streak. Very adventurous, she won’t back down from the prospect of expedition, though her enthusiasm often needs to be reined back before she gets too ahead of herself. Confident in what she does, the girl can be rather strong willed, doesn’t fluster or get offended easily (unless you point out her height), and will not yield to a proposed challenge. Whilst an expressive type, she tends to keep negative emotions or problems to herself, not wanting to push her burdens on others. Though she may not look it, she has no qualms about getting dirty or into muck, and likes being the first to plunge into the unknown.

    The captain - Level headed with her decision making, she is a proactive sort of leader who’s often found amongst her crew. Though she can be overexcited and brash at times, she cares deeply for her crew as a whole, putting their welfare and safety before her own. Being one to treat her subordinates as equals, Maika has a high regard for wider opinions, and values her crew’s individual viewpoints greatly. Nevertheless, she knows where the boundaries between personal and work relationships lie, and expects her crew to treat her with the same amount of respect and professionalism she gives them. Don’t push her buttons, she will not hesitate to take disciplinary action.

Maika's History »
    Born in Veruxi (Dignitus), Maika's parents both worked in Government facilities, her father as scholar who specialised in Emaratos research, her mother a politician who worked in the social relations department. Things went well for a couple of years before her father suddenly hit an important find, so began spending more time than ever in his office poring over research instead. Often away from home for weeks at a time, Maika's mother tried in vain to set his priorities straight, but after years of unsuccessful coaxing and nagging, the exasperated woman finally had enough. When she was six, Maika's parents divorced.

    Tired of city life, mother returned to her birth home with her daughter, a small island just off Ralime, where family there raised lyxie for meat, travel, and racing purposes. Now living in a more rural, farming lifestyle, Maika began learning many life and wilderness skills, with the large expanse of natural environment giving birth to a thirst for exploration. She also developed a bad habit of wandering off to peek down every little nook and cranny she came across while out on hunting trips with the men, ominous-looking caves being her favourite to explore.

    Her mother eventually re-married a kind man when she was nine, and they relocated to a new home just on the outskirts of Ca'Sia. Around that same time, word came that her father had left his job in Veruxi, having purchased and now captaining an airship know as the "E-Seeker". In an effort to patch up relations with the daughter who barely knew him, Ralime became the E-Seeker’s 'home', so Maika could visit when the ship was docked.

    Still rather resentful of her father's lack of attempt to see and raise her during earlier years, Maika would make very few grudging visits the ship, though over time, surprisingly found herself beginning to enjoy the trips. Most of the crew ignored the presence of a child in their midst, but a few kind souls took it upon themselves to entertain her. Over time, Maika’s borders began to expand rapidly, as did her thirst for exploration, and it was then that she knew what her future entailed.

    After her fifteenth birthday, Maika finally spoke directly to her father for the first time due to coaxing from her mother, telling him of her wish to have a future on an airship. Having fully expected for him to give her a place on the E-Seeker, she was enraged when he later informed of having secured her a position on a friend's crew as a cabin girl, feeling as if he were giving her up for his own selfish ambitions again, just as he had in the past. A screaming fest later, she bitterly accepted the placement, vowing to prove her ability as a crew member to him.

    Aboard her new placement, the Wind Strider, she soon found that their ideals suited hers perfectly, having an exploratory crew who travelled for the thrills of adventure in a fast-paced demeanour. Working her way up to the position of Private, Maika didn't see or hear from her father again until one day, she received a small box containing a compass, key, and letter from him. With that, she suddenly quit her position on the ship and returned to the E-Seeker.

E-Seeker Captaincy History »
    Returning to the E-Seeker, she discovered the crew in an uproar of confusion due to the disappearance of its captain. With the entrance to the navigation station locked and the only key in Maika's possession, the ship and crew were stuck, and it was later discovered that the previous captain had left the ship to his nineteen year old daughter. With most of the crew ready to revolt at such an obscene idea, the girl stood her ground, challenging any and all to a series of tests for the captaincy position.

    Whatever the challenge, Maika tackled them with a commitment and seriousness beyond her years until finally, she earned herself the right to stand as captain. However, the majority of the older crew members refused to serve under a 'child', and she gave them two options - to stay or leave - most choosing the latter. With a seriously depleted crew, the young captain found herself fortunate enough to find an extremely loyal second in command in Bae'hn, the previous boatswain she'd been so fond of, who'd over her absence had also worked his way up into his current position under her father. With his help and support, they eventually found new recruits to fill the emptied spots and start a fresh chapter in the E-Seeker's history books.

    Over the last two years, Maika has made quite a few changes in the way the ship is run. While she still holds on to the E-Seekers' original ideals of research and wisdom, they are now much more adventurous and firm in their approach, backing down less often and pushing on boldly, especially when there is exploration and the possibility of discovering something new involved.

    However she soon found herself with a new hurdle to cross - the departure of one of her closest co-workers, Bae'hn himself. Though she understood and accepted his decision agreeably, there was no denying it was a huge blow to Maika. Taking on his added duties while coping with the distress of losing one of her biggest forms of support since becoming captain, she nearly hit breaking point when she ran across another old crew member of the E-Seeker, Rolan. Though he first greeted her in a mocking tone, she appreciated how he offered her a source of comfort and support by switching tactics and consoling her as she burst into tears. As he was a pretty familiar figure due to knowing him from youth, she began to realise he would suit the role of SiC well, so offered him the position after some time, finally relieving herself of some undue stress.

Trivia »
    - Has a younger half-brother and sister.
    - May not look it, but can be like a walking dictionary.
    - Has a high accuracy rate, is an excellent marksman.
    - Uses the blue ribbon to tie her hair up when flying open air or on expeditions.
    - Keeps the compass she received around her neck, doesn't ever open it if anyone else is in the vicinity. Don't even try to touch it. Seriously.
    - Possesses extraordinarily good sense of balance, has a queer liking for climbing things. Can be like a monkey when scaling trees or anything tall (even people).
    - Piss her off and she will throw something at you. However, don't be surprised if she demands that object's return; she's not so rich that she can afford to give away stuff for free after all.


Maika d'Lantis (c) *lainey-nesu
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Waanmo Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Absolutely amazing details and outfit!! Really good job!! :love:
lainey-nesu Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012
Thank you so much ;w; <33
noodles919 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2012  Hobbyist
This is so beautifully colored! I LOVE IT :la:
lainey-nesu Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2012
Thank you so much, glad you think so!
noodles919 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2012  Hobbyist
you're welcome :D
LittleTreeHugger Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2011  Student Digital Artist
...the hair... THE HAIR! Hnnnnnng *spazzesonthefloor*
Waaah, Master! You are amazing at character designs, especially fantasy designs! Everything is so detailed, even her bio is detailed!
I really also love the design of her weapons.
Where do you get your inspirations from~? *A*
lainey-nesu Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2011
Lol ohh grasshopper 8'DD *watches the spazzing tree then sits on in an attempt to calm down*
Baaaaw thank you, I'm glad you approve XD Her bio was actually longer, but a friend helped me condense it because I always waffle on too much >A<

And well my inspiration comes from everywhere really, though mostly games, anime/manga and DA, and sometimes I look at my own clothes haha. For this girl, I took a lot of inspiration from Final Fantasy 12 (clothes) and 13 (for gunblade ref), and a bunch of designs I have saved up. When I see games or manga with designs I like, I take note of what it is, and for stuff I come across on the net, I usually save it into a folder for future reference. Then when it comes to designing, I just look through all my saves for inspiration and just play around with certain elements I like here and there to see what works while adding my own aesthetic to it as well. Good design is all about getting inspired by what's out there, and hoarding things you like over time is a great way of broadening your horizons XD
LittleTreeHugger Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Ahh, that's a good idea actually!
I think I shall start saving interesting designs for future references! Thanks Master! :'D
Luacia Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Youre currently creating a lot of new rp charas XD I totally love her design youre so detailed here and Im so jealous of your digital hair coloring skills *_* its amazing^^b
lainey-nesu Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2011
Haha IKR orz...The last one was a necessity for the group's current episode, so she's not really a proper rp OC like the rest of them, and I'm hoping this girl will be my last for a long time. Don't want to join too many rp groups >A<

And thanks! Took forever to work out her design, but I'm pretty happy with how it came out in the end X'D
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