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February 27, 2012
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pkmn Overture - Dartanian Ryder by lainey-nesu pkmn Overture - Dartanian Ryder by lainey-nesu
Will complete full history, badges stuff, and submit when I wake up //tired of typing orz



Name: Dartanian Ryder (Dax)
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 6' (182cm)
Weight: 152lbs (69kg)
Hair Colour: Dirty Blonde
Eye Colour: Emerald Green
Hometown: Solaceon Town
Class: Ace Trainer
Role: Captain

Personality :
    Pleasant | Agreeable | Calm | Intuitive | Relaxed | Listener | Adaptive | Spontaneous | Strong Willed | Sometimes Sarcastic | Enigma

    Pleasant to a fault on the surface, Dax maintains a rather relaxed and grounded outlook on life that's coupled with an agreeable, friendly and warm demeanour. He's very open minded and enjoys trying new things no matter how ridiculous or absurd it may be, for it's all the fun of life. Forever seen with a light smile plastered on his face, the guy seems to ooze a calm aura and rarely ever looks stressed or overly serious which makes him quite easy to talk to, and he'll happily listen to anyone's ranting. Practical, somewhat sly (without being obvious), and a touch bit cheeky, he seems almost apathetic to most things, usually taking a neutral stance when arguments occur. Not much seems to ruffle his feathers, and if someone badmouths him or tries to start a fight, he'll just brush it aside with that effervescent smile of his.

    Don't take his stress-free approach to life as being slow or uncaring though, for the guy is anything but (angry smiley person = bad result). Intuitive and spontaneous when the situation calls for it, he's able to adapt quickly to the circumstance and map out the best course of action for the most successful outcome. Pretty strong willed as well, it takes a fair bit to talk him out of something once his mind is set, not to mention a tendency of ignoring his own well being when working, usually pushing himself a little too far at times. He can be a little sarcastic at times, and is a bit of an enigma, completely preferring to keep it that way.

    To say that his past was completely normal would be a lie, but he got pretty close to it anyhow. Born unwanted to his real parents, Dax was fortunate enough to be adopted out after birth to a loving couple who dearly wanted a child to raise but could not have any of their own due to medical circumstances. His mother was once a co-ordinator who was now happily settled into quiet town life and helping in the local Day Care centre, while his more adventurous father enjoyed converting apricots into pokeballs when not travelling around Sinnoh. It was from these roots that Dax obtained his love of tinkering with things, as well as his first pokemon, a little Growlithe he hatched from an egg.

    Things were peaceful in his life, minus the birth of a baby brother sometime in his childhood years, which was viewed as a miracle due to early preconception. Though rebellious due to fear of his parents' love being usurped by their new and legitimate child, it was soon squashed when proved unjust, and life went on peaceful as ever....

    .................................... TBC

Likes/ Dislikes:
    ❤ : Travel | Tinkering with Objects | Napping | Humour | Spring | Pastry | Accessories | High Points
    ✘ : Underwater | Non-listeners | Conflict | Unappreciative People

    A bunch. TBA

    - Prefers getting by known as an ordinary trainer unless necessary.
    - Enjoys congenial association, appreciates the finer points of life.
    - Slow to wake in the morning, needs coffee.
    - Has a quirky sense of humour at times, forever smiling and dishing out equal treatment to all.
    - Doesn't actually 'hate' anyone, not even rocket members. Everyone has their reasons for doing things, right?
    - One might ask, why not a more passionate trainer to lead the ace trainers than this apathetic fool? Well see this captain in action and you'll probably understand why for yourself.

Pokemon Teamhai gaiz hope this doesn't burn your eyes out honestly couldn't think of pkmn names and personalities and shizz... // pleaseforgivemesobcraiflees
    Juu - Arcanine // ♀ // Naughty
    Star Rating: ★★★★★
    Moves: Flamethrower | Fire Blast | Crunch | Wild Charge
    Other: Likes being called 'Tigerdog' and being cuddled. Forever stalking her trainer and doing tricks for treats/leftovers.

    Alice - Vaporeon // ♀ // Docile
    Star Rating: ★★★★
    Moves: Muddy Water | Surf | Dig | Blizzard
    Other: Enjoys rolling around, very affectionate and tends to glue herself to her trainer.

    Draco - Gengar // ♂ // Calm
    Star Rating: ★★★★★
    Moves: Thunderbolt | Shadow Ball | Focus Blast | Hypnosis
    Other: Level-headed 'daddy' of the group, even if he does look like a cheek.

    Kae - Serperior // ♀ // Sassy
    Star Rating: ★★★★★
    Moves: Leaf Tornado | Energy Ball | Mega Drain | Reflect
    Other: Also responds to 'Ho'. Glamorous diva, she's sassy and she knows it.

    Tea - Dragonair // ♀ // Modest
    Star Rating: ★★★★★
    Moves: Ice Beam | Thunder | Dragontail | Draco Meteor
    Other: Likes usurping her trainer's coffee in the morning, and having tea in the evening.

    Sora - Braviary // ♂ // Quiet
    Star Rating: ★★★★★
    Moves: Fly | Air Slash | Superpower | Shadow Claw
    Other: Obsessed with maple syrup and Walrein


Dartanian Ryder (c) *lainey-nesu
#Pokemon-Overture (c) ~ThePattyWagon
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Does it seem bad that I wanna join this group because I came across your app? *shot*
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LIKE YUUUOOOO //SHOT Thank you Ruru >v<

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FFFFF nuuuoooooo *ish honoured at that* QwQ It seems apps will be left open a few days longer, so you're welcome to make an app during this time if you can <33
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lainey-nesu Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2012

Pffft I actually don't rp on MSN that much or actually frequent it that often to begin with I prefer notes/forums/google docs since it affords me time to think out more interesting responses, or chats ;w; But yea, we need a proper rp some time >A<

OMG you're on the ball here! I had my trainer done way before the pokemon since I had to stress over who to pick and such 8'DD
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I'm sure you'll be fine, we need more ace trainers anyway. Though yea, people seem to not want starting at the bottom of the rung... ;A;
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Kiribby Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2012
That's a beautiful Serperior you got there
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Thank you, am surprisingly please with how she turned out too heh ^^
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